Gabriele Ferrari Web Freelance


I am Gabriele Ferrari, a Web Freelance.

Me & my job

What’s your job? is a recurring question when you need to introduce yourself to someone. Few will be enthusiastic about their employment, some, myself included, will be proud to practice the profession they love.

However, this is not the question I prefer.

I can never answer with precision: I could say that I am a programmer, a consultant, a web designer, a web developer, a graphic designer, an app developer or a social media manager.

Moreover, to be a consultant, an analyst, or a technician/programmer. In general, it is necessary to know many topics to understand the needs of the client entirely.

I believe I am the right person to ask if it is about increasing your visibility on the web.

This is the reason why I can define myself as a “Web Freelance”.


For those who are looking for all the details about me, my resume is available.

Work method

I manage servers, domains and all the technical aspects of a website, I program frontend and backend solutions, make changes and integrations. I have full knowledge of the elements of web marketing, email marketing, and issues related to malicious intrusion in websites and systems business. The professional skills acquired over the years, allow me to be able to manage a project in all its phases of realization completely

Definition of Requirements

Together with the client, I define the list of project requirements

Preliminary Analysis of Technologies to Implement

Once the requirements are defined, I research to find out which technology is the most suitable for this project

Mockup and Prototyping

After defining the technologies to be used, I proceed to create a mockup of what will be the final project and a first working prototype

Design and Development

Once the mockup and the prototype are finished, I continue with the design and development of the project following the initial requirements

Final Review

Once the development part is completed, the client shows the project for a final evaluation of any changes before the launch

The launch of the Project and Publication

After making the latest changes approved by the customer, I follow the online commissioning and check that everything is working properly